Green Sea Urchins, Strongylocentrotus droebachiensis: Harvested by hand from the Bay of Fundy, sea urchin is commonly known as uni (oo-nee) in Japanese cooking. Sea urchins have a bright gold/yellow color, a sweet buttery taste, and a creamy texture. It is delicious raw, perfect for sushi or cooked for use in pasta or other dishes. Season: Fall/winter months and late spring.

Sea Urchin
Uni ikura

Layered Pack  – A/B Grade



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Sea Urchin Spread – 40% Sea Urchin Roe


American Lobsters, Homarus americanus: Our lobsters are sourced from the Bay of Fundy. Lobster meat is light and sweet and the texture falls between crab and shrimp. These hard-shell lobsters travel and ship much better than soft-shell lobsters. Hard shell lobsters can live out of the water much longer and are heartier. Hard shell lobsters also yield a greater amount of meat. Season: Year-round.

American Lobster - Quoddy Savour Seafood - Product
Lobster dish

Soft Shell Clams, Mya arenaria: Clams are sourced from coastal areas of New Brunswick from Campobello Island to Lepreau. Clams are sweet, slightly salty and slightly chewy. They are commonly known as steamers and are dug by hand. Clams are popular fried and steamed, and are an essential part of a traditional chowder. Once clams are received they should be placed in refrigeration and stored in a dry area between 34-36 degrees Farenheit (1-2 degrees Celsius). Season: Late spring and all summer.

Soft Shell Clam
Clam dish

Ocean Quahogs, Arctica islandica: Our Quahogs are harvested from the deepest depths of the Bay of Fundy waters by draggers. Quahogs are similar to clams but saltier and chewier and are delicious in a chowder. Quahogs should be refrigerated between 34 and 38 degrees Fahrenheit (1-3 degrees Celsius). Quahogs should never be placed on ice. As the ice melts the Quahogs absorb water and their life expectancy can be significantly decreased. Season: July through October.

Ocean Quahogs
Prepared Ocean Quahogs

Scallops, Placopecten Magellanicus: Our fresh scallops come straight from the Bay of Fundy and are harvested by draggers. Scallops can be eaten raw or cooked. They are rich and meaty.  Fresh or cooked scallops will keep in a closed container in the refrigerator for 1-2 days. They are delicious pan fried with butter and lemon, wrapped in bacon or added to any pasta dish. Season: January to the end of March.

Quoddy Savour Seafoods harvesting scallops
Scallop Dish

Jonah Crabs, Cancer borealis: Jonah crabs are found along the Atlantic coast of North America. Ours are caught in pots or baited traps in the Bay of Fundy. Jonah crabs have a sweet taste and flaky texture. They are best prepared in butter, perfect in dips and pasta dishes. Season: Year-round.

Jonah crab
Crab Cakes

Periwinkles, Littorina littorea: Periwinkles are known as “shore snails” and are usually found on rocks, stones or pilings between high and low tide marks in the Bay of Fundy. “Winkles” have a distinct taste. They are meaty and chewy and are perfect dipped in garlic or butter for additional flavor. Periwinkles can be pulled out of the shell after being cooked with a pin or skewer. Season: Year-round.

Pasta Spaghetti with Periwinkle

Steelhead Trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss: When freshwater rainbow trout are raised in salt water they become steelhead trout. Quoddy offers fresh, top quality, farm-raised steelhead from Atlantic Canada. Steelhead is known for its pink fillets. While salmon-like in appearance, steelhead trout are smaller. They are less oily and more delicate in taste than salmon. Season: year round.

steelhead trout fillets
Steelhead Trout Dish