Green Sea Urchins, Strongylocentrotus droebachiensis: Harvested by hand from the Bay of Fundy, sea urchin is commonly known as uni (oo-nee) in Japanese cooking. Sea urchins have a bright gold/yellow color, a sweet buttery taste, and a creamy texture. It is delicious raw, perfect for sushi or cooked for use in pasta or other dishes. Season: Fall/winter months and late spring.

Sea Urchin
Uni ikura

American Lobsters, Homarus americanus: Our lobsters are sourced from the Bay of Fundy. Lobster meat is light and sweet and the texture falls between crab and shrimp. These hard-shell lobsters travel and ship much better than soft-shell lobsters. Hard shell lobsters can live out of the water much longer and are heartier. Hard shell lobsters also yield a greater amount of meat. Season: Year-round.

American Lobster - Quoddy Savour Seafood - Product
Lobster dish